T Shirt Printing in Boksburg

Hey Boksburg, we are in your area and ready to print your t-shirt. 


Why print T Shirts with AMTY?

You may be wondering why you should use us for T Shirt printing in Boksburg when there are so many other places you could use.  Well, let me give you three good reasons 

  1. We are backed by some of the country's leading branding houses offering many print methods with thousands of product options
  2. We invest a lot of time to source great quality work on great quality t-shirts
  3. We do not do business with repeat offenders in the branding space.  If we feel a company or their products do not live up to the AMTY standards, we will stop offering their products to our clients.


What can you expect when ordering?

Our ordering process is simple and in most cases can be completed with a simple WhatsApp conversation or ordering directly on the website.  Yes that's right, no need to call.

Online order of branded items (only a few available at the moment but more coming soon):

Visit the screen-printing collection at https://shop.amty.co.za/collections/screen-printed-items, and complete all the options to complete your order.

WhatsApp order (all items not available online):

  1. Send us a message on WhatsApp by clicking the WhatsApp button on any page.  Please include a sample image of what you want printed or simply tell us what you need.
  2. We will have a look at your request and provide a quote.
  3. Accept or adjust your quote and we will complete your artwork
  4. Review your artwork and sign off / request any changes
  5. We will complete your order and send out for delivery


What printing methods are used?

The print method is determined by the item branded.  This varies from screen printing, to laser engraving to pad printing & etc.  Please contact us for advise on what would best to suit your needs.


Can you collect your order?

We have a workshop in Boksburg that we do not allow members of the public for security reasons.  We do however understand that adding delivery to the order will in some cases make it too expensive and we are happy to make collection arrangements if need be.  Please send us a message so we can discuss the options with you.