T Shirt Printing in Boksburg

Hey Boksburg, we are in your area and ready to print your t-shirt. 


Why print T Shirts with AMTY?

You may be wondering why you should use us for T Shirt printing in Boksburg when there are so many other places you could use.  Well, let me give you three good reasons 

  1. We use the best quality vinyl available to us ensuring a great quality transfer each time.
  2. We use great quality T Shirts from the country's leading trade-only vendors
  3. We started to print T Shirts in Boksburg early 2016 and would like to think we have mastered this skill over the years


What can you expect when ordering?

Our ordering process is simple and in most cases can be completed with a simple WhatsApp conversation.  Yes that's right, no need to call.

  1. Send us a message on WhatsApp by clicking the WhatsApp button on any page.  Please include a sample image of what you want printed or simply tell us what you need.
  2. We will have a look at your request and provide a quote.
  3. Accept or adjust your quote and we will complete your artwork
  4. Review your artwork and sign off / request any changes
  5. We will complete your order and send out for delivery


What printing methods are used?

Our main print method is heat transfer vinyl (HTV).  While this isn't really a "print" in the traditional sense, it is in some aspects far superior.  The logo / graphic / text is cut out from a vinyl sheet and transferred onto the T Shirt using a special heat press.  We also offer other print methods but as they are outsourced we need a little extra time to arrange and in some cases there may be minimum order quantities.


Pros and cons of using HTV (Heat Transfer Vinyl)


  • No setup fees or minimum order quantities.  Need one?  Order one!
  • Does not fade like normal prints
  • Inexpensive for small quantities when compared to other print methods
  • Premium vinyl ensures the print will in most cases outlast the garment
  • Glitter options available


  • Can become costly for larger orders when compared to other print methods
  • Selection of colours are limited 
  • Not ideal for very fine detail as the vinyl is cut with a vinyl cutter and some detail can be lost in the cut and weed process


What vinyl colour options are available?

While vinyl colours are limited we have found that these are normally sufficient for most print jobs.  In the case where full colour prints are required, we can assist with printed vinyl or digital transfers.  


HTV Colour Chart

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Colour Chart


Which T Shirts are used for printing?

This entirely depends on your request but in most cases your T Shirt will be one of the ones below.  If you need something specific, please send us a message.

Amrod Unisex Super Club 180 T-Shirt

AMROD Unisex Super Club 180 T-Shirt

Barron 160g Barron Crew Neck T-Shirt (TST160B)

Barron 160g Barron Crew Neck T-Shirt (TST160B2)

Barron 160g Barron Crew Neck T-Shirt (TST160B)


How can you ensure you get the correct size?

This is quite easy actually.  Each of the T Shirts on this website comes with a sizing chart for easy reference.  These sizes are accurate with a 1cm - 2cm variance.  

Half Chest Measurement


To measure your ideal size:

  • Take one of your existing T Shirts with a comfortable fit
  • Lie the T Shirt flat on a flat surface
  • Measure the T Shirt across the chest (this is referred to as the half-chest measurement)
  • Compare this measurement to the sizes indicated on the catalogue pages to get your ideal size
  • Please note that you should compare the same cuts.  i.e. when measuring for a ladies fitted T Shirt, you should be using a ladies fitted T Shirt
  • Please note the sizing difference between cuts and brand so it's best to refer to the catalogue page in all cases


How much does it cost for T Shirt printing in Boksburg?

We get this question regularly and it's just about the most difficult to answer too.  Many of our competitors have set pricing for T Shirts but we find this is sometimes unfair practice.  To do the same we would have to either overcharge for basic items with a small prints to ensure we are profitable on orders with larger prints.  We found that quoting on your idea makes much more sense and it ensures you pay the right price for what you order.  We do however understand that often one is searching around for the best price and not having set prices completely excludes us from your quest.  We can offer a rough estimate of around R170 per T Shirt for a premium quality T Shirt with a medium sized print. This includes the T Shirt, artwork, vinyl & labour.  We would still like to chat about what you need to offer you our best possible price.  Please click on the WhatsApp button for assistance.


Can you supply your own T Shirts for printing?

Yes, we do not mind at all.  We would just like to remind you of the below.

  • Our T Shirts are normally better quality than what you will find in the retail stores
  • For the best possible outcome we prefer using 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester or blends (Polycotton) thereof.  While we can print on most fabric types, we find that sticking to Cotton or Polyester gives the best results.
  • We do not accept used / washed T Shirts for printing as the detergents can hinder the bond of the vinyl to the fabric
  • We do not guarantee prints on your T Shirts as we have no control over the quality of the fabric


Can we print on other types of clothing?

The short answer is yes, but the best would be to send us a message before assuming we can.  Some fabrics are just too coarse or stretchy and will not be ideal for HTV (heat transfer vinyl).


Can you have your order delivered?

99.9% of our orders are sent out via courier services. So yes, absolutely.


Can you collect your order?

We have a workshop in Boksburg that we do not allow members of the public for security reasons.  We do however understand that adding delivery to the order will in some cases make it too expensive and we are happy to make collection arrangements if need be.  Please send us a message so we can discuss the options with you.