Resellers / Dropshipping

We offer special pricing for resellers and those doing dropshipping. Registration is free but we will only consider a shopper a reseller when they have reached a spend of R5,000 within a 3 month window.  We have unfortunately had many retail customers register as resellers to get discount on once-off purchases.  This minimum spend has been implemented to make the selling tiers fair on everyone. As you can imagine it's impossible for resellers to compete when retail customers are getting the same prices.  We also have different discount tiers.  The more you spend, the more you save.

Once you have reached the R5,000 minimum spend, please send us an email to and say you would like to become one of our resellers. Please ensure you use the same email account you registered with when sending this email. We will then review your request and issue you with a reseller coupon code that you can use during checkout to get your reseller discount.

This will give you access to several trade-only vendors without paying a single cent in registration fees.

Have a look at our Vendors page to see what we offer.