How to buy from Amrod / Altitude without registration fees


Amrod / Altitude has one of the best selection of budget to higher end brandable product.  Access to these products are a must when trying to cater for a large variety of customers.  Unfortunately as with many trade-only vendors, they charge a hefty registration fee.  This can be quite a big hurdle for the average small business / start-up.  Being a bit unsure if your company will succeed, this registration fee puts an unnecessary burden on you.  We had the same problem when we started back in 2016 and we thought it's about time someone did something about it. 

We offer reseller pricing on any of the Amrod / Altitude product and on all the brands they offer.  Registration is very simple.  Simply click on Register Account and complete the form.  Once you have reach a minimum spend of R5,000 within a 3 month window, please send us an email to and say you would to become one of our resellers. Please ensure you use the same email account you registered with when sending this email. We will then review your request and issue you with a reseller coupon code that you can use during checkout to get your reseller discount.

For assistance, please click on Contact at the top.

Click on the Amrod logo to see all the Amrod / Altitude products available on this store. 

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