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AMTY was founded in 2016 on big dreams and a passion for customer service. We have learned to keep things simple and as streamlined as possible. Our customers are used to getting personal service and attention as part of the package. If you have been let down in the past, we are sure to make up for it. Give us a go.

On this website you will find thousands of products in all shapes, sizes and colours. The products are sorted into various categories for easy selection. The sheer volume of products can be intimidating but we are always available should you require some assistance in finding something or placing an order. You can contact us by clicking the WhatsApp button on any of the website pages, or click on on Contact Us on the menu.

How to order:
Ordering is just like on any e-commerce store. If you are familiar with this process, you shouldn't have any trouble. If not, please contact us for assistance.

Stock levels:
We regularly update stock levels on this website based on the data provided by the various vendors. In general if the item is available for purchase on this store, the item should be available from the vendor. In the case where the item was sold between our update and your purchase, we will contact you with alternatives or refund you in full.

Pricing updates:
We use various import processes to collect as many available products as possible. We rely on the data provided by the vendors. As such we are unable to foresee any price increases or product updates. In the cases where the vendor warns us about price updates, we will post the details on this website.

Custom Printed Items:
We offer full design and print services for almost anything. We have the complete range of budget to premium items with just about any print/brand medium you can think of. Try us for vinyl, screen printing, embroidery or digital transfers. We are happy to look at your specifications and provide you with advice and cost estimates.

Custom Printed Tshirts:

We are well known for our custom printed tshirts. This is also our main area of business. Send us your idea for a free cost estimate.

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